Article: The Broken Issue

March 11, 2012

ARTICLE magazine is back, with a new issue available on April the 18th! With a £5 cover price, the magazine will be available nationally. You can order subscriptions now and receive a gift.

The new issue of Article will take on what it means for something to be ‘Broken’. It’s timely. Watch the news, read the papers, listen to people talk in the pub: The whole world is going to shit, and no-one is really doing anything about it, apparently.

Through a range of features and design we will explore the obsession with abandoned buildings, the failings of city centre planning, the rhetoric of Broken Britain, and what the recession actually means for art. Our interviews with artists and designers ask why people don’t study repair instead of design and what it means to break something intentionally.

Now, Article is changing a bit. We are increasing our number of pages to 84, and we are also going to get a proper cover and some glossy pages in the middle, cuz we’re posh like that. Importantly, we are no longer going to be free. The whole advertising thing turned into a bit of nightmare, and we thought we could make a better more consistent magazine if we charged readers £5 for their own copy. It was a tough call to make, but we think it will be the best deal for everyone in the long run.

You can subscribe below for £15 a year. Do the maths. We are quarterly. So, it’ll save you £5 over the year. But move quick, the first fifty subscriptions will receive our Culture tote-bag free! Or for a fiver you can just straight-up pre-order an issue to have it delivered to your house/crib/loft-apartment/squat/office/kennel when we get them from the printer.

Lastly, we will be having a launch party in Sheffield on the 18th of April. More details to follow. Watch this space!

Now, go hit the Buy Now button below!

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