Catch Up Leeds

February 16, 2012

I wish I had thought of Catch-Up, it’s such a simple and fun idea for an event. Six exhibitions spread out over as many months which focus on the cross-over between creative areas. For each instalment the curators of Catch-Up invite a new artist for each exhibition, who in turn invites and an artist of their choosing to accompany them in the exhibition.

Best of all, the events are free, and the first fifty guests get a limited edition publication for free! Looking at this month’s flyer, we can only guess it is gonna be something awesome made on a risograph.

This month’s invited artist is photographer¬†Liam Henry, of the excellent website¬†No Culture Icons. From photography to illustration and animation, his co-conspirator is Matt Saunders.

More info about all this, here.



























The exhibition is on Thursday from 6-9pm

Top Up Gallery, 111 Walter lane, Holbeck Urban Village, LEEDS


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