Museums Sheffield Funding Cut

January 27, 2012

This has been widely reported over the past couple of days, but in case you missed it Museums Sheffield have had failed in their application for the next three years of Art’s Council Funding.

This is a massive blow to Sheffield’s Museums, and we feel, to the city itself. The latest in a series of cuts to the museum budget, following a 12% cut from the local authority last year, the loss of ACE funding will reduce the museums’ budgets by a further 30% leading to “large scale staff redundancies, major reductions in exhibition programmes and scaled down learning provisions for schools and adults.”

Over the past few years, we have reported on a range of exhibitions the gallery has held and really enjoyed many of them too. Some highlights for us have been last summer’s Kill Your Darlings, Kid Acne’s first UK retrospective. 2010′s Art Sheffield was also a success, with fantastic work from all over the world including Susan Hiller.

Currently, Museums Sheffield are appealing this decision. If you’ve ever been to something you enjoyed at the Museum, or are just sad to see an another great organisation lose it’s funding, please go to this website. There are a number of things you can do, even if it is just tweeting at some local MPs or commenting on their website.

Sort it!


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