Ten Tracks: Young and Lost Club

September 6, 2011

‘Young and lost’; a familiar sentiment perhaps. You probably won’t accomplish maturity or find your ‘calling in life’, but with this selection by the London-based label you may discover suitable new music with which to while away your youth.

Nadia Dahlawi and Sara Jade have been uniting new independent music artists with keen independent music listeners since setting up their Young and Lost singles club in 2005. They keep the passions of their club members kindled with regular releases of fine 7 inch specimens, free downloadable treats, and evenings of live musical entertainment.

Nadia recently got in touch with us from their base in London and very kindly and niftily put together this ace mix of their free music of the moment for yours and ours streaming pleasure.


Article Ten Tracks: Young and Lost Club by Article Magazine on Mixcloud


Being There – Tomorrow
Soon to be seen touring with Noah and the Whale, Being There mix the lo-fi pop of The Replacements with the wry lyricism of The Lemonheads.

Oh Minnows – Another Volunteer
Formerly of Semifinalists, Chris Steele-Nicholson set up his own studio to record and produce his own album entirely by himself. The result is the sonic dreamscape of an album, “For Shadows”.

Wavves – I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl
We think this is Wavves finest moment to date, and after watching the Foo Fighters documentary we kinda wanna meet Dave Grohl too.

Dum Dum Girls – Bedroom Eyes
Eagerly anticipating their sophomore album, this song is so ridiculously catchy!

Little Green Cars – My Love Took Me Down To The River
LGC are from Dublin, they’re phenomenally talented and only seventeen. This track has a really haunting quality to it.

TV Girl – Baby You Were There
A modern take on nostalgic pop, the San Diego duo’s new ep “Benny and The Jetts” is available to download for free.

Soulja Boy, Andrew WK, Matt & Kim – I’m A Goner
This seems like such a random collection of artists, but we’re big fans of the free Converse tracks and bringing such a mash-up of collaborators together!

Terius Nash – Wish You Were Mine
AKA The Dream, “Love King” was one of our favourite albums of last year, and this is taken from his new album “1977″ which you can download for free.

Exlovers – Moth-eaten Memories
Super cute London 5 piece Exlovers perfectly demonstrate their ability to fuse grunge with wistfully poignant boy-girl lyrics.

Caveman – Decide
We’ve just discovered Caveman, they have free music floating all over the internet, which is cool, and we can’t wait to hear more.



Follow the links on individual tracks to download, and join Nadia and Sara at the Young and Lost Club.









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