Unpacking Our Library

June 14, 2011

We’re unpacking our library. Yes we are.

Recently we moved into a new office, chucked everything in our mate’s car and hauled it all across Sheffield. Since then, we haven’t really taken time to sift through all the things we brought with us. In the corner, amongst the stacks of lesser titles and used envelopes, we found two boxes of metaphorical gold (by which I mean, a few stacks of Article Volume One.)

Article started 3 years ago, and before the current multicoloured incarnation, we made a variety of zines in different formats. They were distributed in Sheffield and disappeared quickly and only a few remain.

We’ve got our own private archives stocked, but would like to offer you the chance to fill your Article collection with missing issues. Unfortunately, there are only a few issues that we have a surplus of, so we can’t offer you the complete set, but get ‘em quick, because, once they’re gone, they’re gone. As they say. Below is a brief guide to some of the issues that we’ve got left.

We also found a stack of last summer’s t-shirt, illustrated by Robin Beck, which we’ve reduced nicely.

Get on it. The First five orders also receive a free tote-bag!
All magazines below are available now at the shop.

Issue 1: Released in May 2008, when we were still young, this magazine hardly resembles the Article as it is now. It’s a great read though, with features on Dildos, Drugs, Pommegranates, Cadbury’s and fashion.

A4 – B&W, 36pp glossy.

20 Copies of 400 left

Issue 5: Winter 2008, the issue was the third to printed in classic Article format. B&W A5 zine with a card cover. Features included stories about Irish language summer camps, Ghanain Hip Hop, Music genre nomenclature, and the Israeli Army’s approach to urban planning.

A5 – B&W with 16pp Cyan. 48pp.

17 copies of 600 left


Issue 7: Summer 2009, the only issue of ARTICLE to include no advertising. Issue seven was printed on a miniscule budget, four folded A3 sheets, that can be arranged into an A1 poster. It is printed in Black and Cyan. The issue was never distributed and mainly given out to friends. The content includes a series of infographics about the hilly-ness of European cities, and the correlation to their relative coolness. There are further features about Public Art, Regeneration, Morris Dancing, as well as interviews with Joe & Will Ask, Telepathe and Blue Sabbath Black Fiji. Easily one of my favourite issues!

4 x A3 sheets folded to A5. Cyan and Black printing.

20 copies of 200 left

Issue 9: November 2009. A feature heavy issue, nine included pieces about late eighties civic architecture, the use of public intellectuals, the American Dream, and if there is such a thing as Gay Geography. Also included are interviews with Boy 8-Bit, and Neon Indian.

A5 – B&W, 48pp

10 copies of 1000 left

Issue 10: December 2010. This Security themed issue of Article includes features on Kid Acne, the infamous Niche nightclub in Sheffield, Ferris Wheels, Community Support Officers, and the value of interactive advertising. There are also interviews with photographer Jim Brodgen, and artistic duo FrenchMottershead.

A5 – B&W, 48pp

44 copies of 1000 left

Issue 11: February 2010. The Waste issue includes infographics on how we waste time, and features on Cultural Recycling, the destruction of Sheffield’s former central fire station, Berlin’s garbage disposal service branding. The issue’s lead feature recounts an adventure with Sheffield artist Phlegm taking the writer around some of his favourite hidden spot, with a series exclusive photos taken by Theo Simpson. The issue also included interviews with geographer Anna Minton, Artistic Director of the Crucible theatre Daniel Evans, and dark indie outfit Ebsen and the Witch.

A5 – B&W, 40pp

ONLY 4 of 1000 LEFT !!!!

Issue 12: March 2010. After nearly two years of producing and A5 B&W magazine, the decision was taken to do a big one, in colour. So, Article 12, the Leisure Issue, was printed as a full colour tabloid newspaper. Features looked at shopping centres, binge drinking, finding sexual partners on Craig’s List, Estonian avant garde DIY, and a section on underrated hobbies. Also included were interviews with Debruit and Rudi Zygadlo.

Full Colour Tabloid, 32pp

50 copies of 2000 left

Issue 13: May 2010. The final issue of volume one, 13 was the Synesthesia Issue, and was made in collaboration with Sensoria Festival. Features looked at sound based synesthesia, wax cylinder recordings, extra-sensory perception, police dog training and sensory deprivation. Also included are interviews with British Sea Power, Shaun Bloodworth, Rachel Koolen, and the Black Dog.

Tabloid magazine, full colour, 64pp

50 copies of 200 Left



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