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Liverpool: Departure and Graft

May 30, 2011

Liverpool’s degree shows look set to impress, with self-exposing invitations and a world class curator behind the scenes

It’s [degree] Showtime! We’ve scoured the degree shows of the North before they launch (and before judgment is clouded by any cheap opening party wine). Mainly we want to help you catch these short-lived exhibitions and avoid overfatigue from seeing a vast array of work and disciplines on show; from graphic design to contemporary film and video. Here’s the first in a short series of universities and artists that have stood out to us (reviews will follow!)

‘Departure’ at Liverpool John Moores – 28 May until 3 June
Early in the proceedings with retro publicity posters of a victorian lady using a drawing board, printed in bright fuschia which paired with the collective title ‘Departure’, suggest a new perspective on tradition. Liverpool has employed a professional curator Lorenzo Fusi (the man behind Liverpool Biennial) so this is set to be a new era degree show, thoughtful and intelligently planned.

‘Graft’ also at Liverpool John Moores (same dates)
Similarly well considered are the Graphic Design students, who sent out a hand made limited number of ‘self exposing’ invitations, so opening up means a short wait until the light sensitive paper exposes the details of the show. A very good action video has been made of it: Graft show invite

Graft Show Invite from Milos Simpraga on Vimeo.

They have even produced a fine looking zine to accompany the exhibition catalogue, documenting the process of setting up the show without compromising space for showing off their work, exposing all their mistakes and successes in celebration of open source culture.

It’s all getting rather professional! We haven’t previewed any student work but hopefully this polished presentation will mean it is just as exciting in content. We’re looking forward to seeing it!

Jane Faram

Next….Nottingham Trent Art and Design shows , opening 2 – 12 June.
Don’t forget Nottingham’s XV Photography festival is on until the 3 June!


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