Unravel in Rotherham

April 23, 2011

A temporary small cinema opens in Rotherham at 25p a ticket, and hosts the Unravel Project where you can draw on a 874 mile long film.

A Small Cinema in Rotherham opened this week inside the Old Market Gallery, an extensive space recently transformed into a gallery and now a cinema! Inspired by another ‘Small Cinema’ in Liverpool, Rotherham now has its own community ‘flicks’, though it’s only for the short-term. It’s still refreshing in contrast with pricey cinema trips, as it’s only 25 pence for a ticket.

So far Small Cinema (Rotherham) have screened an assortment of films from ‘Hearts of Steel’ about the Rotherham steel industry, and last night ‘Breaking Rocks’ a film about Billy Bragg’s initiative to allow inmates access to instruments in prison.

Today a pick of kids cartoons will play (probably music to the ears of parents on this scorcher of a bank holiday weekend). In addition, the Unravel Project will be underway. If you’re local to Rotherham this afternoon you could draw, scratch and write on a 16mm film which has travelled the UK and will eventually be 874 miles in length!

6pm April 23 – Market-Screen a showreel of artists films curated by the OldMarket Gallery featuring works by Bob Levene, Jerome Harrington, Jasmine Johnson, Rebecca Ounstead, Faye Green.

At 8pm, will be ’Dole Not Cole’ which tells the story of the 1984-85 Miner’s Strike from the perspective of the striking miners.

Recommended dress code…

Jane Faram, Arts Editor


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