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Mechanical Bride

April 22, 2011

Video Exclusive! ! !

The moniker Mechanical Bride may at first evoke thoughts of something a bit sinister or sci-fi, but going by this title is 25 year old Lauren Doss, self-taught musician and writer of delicate, at times melancholic, lyrical tales. Her last release was 2008′s mini-album ‘Part II: EPs,’ and for the past three years she’s been working on the debut full-length, due out in June.

We’ve got the video exclusive of the new single from this LP to share with you, and a few words from the Bride herself.


Mechanical Bride – Colour Of Fire from Stay Loose on Vimeo.

Who’s this Mechanical Bride character you go by the name of?

Mechanical Bride was a term I found doing some research for an essay and it was used to describe the relationship between a person and the gramophone or a record player. The idea of a disembodied voice as a companion had some comforting imagery and was something I think most people can relate to.

Your upcoming LP is titled ‘Living with Ants’ – is there some concept behind this?

‘Living With Ants’ came when I was writing one of the songs, there were a whole army of ants creating those great patterns they do across my wall and I liked the fact that we share our intimate space with other creatures and their own complex systems. It seemed to fit how I felt about the period in which I wrote the songs on the album, learning a lot about yourself and issues that arise and you have to find a way to deal with them and get on with things, though they may always still be there niggling at you.

What lies behind your music lyrically and stylistically?

With the songs on this album, there was either a place I envisioned where an event was taking place, or an adventure. The visuals of this place are always very important. Within these atmospheres there are normally characters that are central to the song or are the storytellers themselves. A lot of it stems from imagery I’ve collected and put in my scrapbook, or have drawn or jotted in a notebook verbally to create the lyrics.
Since the last release I’ve been finishing a degree, moving around a fair bit, having fingers in various creative pies and doing my own other projects with music and art. Generally exploring a lot of things, which in turn has had an effect on my music. The style is an ongoing progress, and the writing too; it’s a bit of a child that needs a lot of attention, stimulation and nourishment!

What projects or collaborations do you plan on working on next?

There’s a possible all girl collaboration that may happen soon. I tend to collaborate on a lot of projects and shows with my friend Caroline Weeks, who’s in the band. And collaborating with a filmmaker on some short films with music is the next project.

‘Colour of Fire’ is out on 9th May on Transgressive.


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