Issue 11 February 13, 2010


Sheffield Top 5 - February February 10, 2010

Oh my days, there is a lot coming up this month. Once again, sorry for this blog post coming up late. We try to be on it. Anyway, better late than never. Here’s Article’s Sheffield guide for February.

1. Love Bytes -  Sonic Materialities

The city wide festival of digital arts kicks of this month. There are all sorts of interesting treats of varying geekyness to look out for. In particular, Friday Feb 12 the Millennium Gallery will see sound art perfomances by artists Francisco Lopez, Russell Haswell, and Mark Fell. Oh, and its free. Check their website for more.

2. Dead Ends - The Moor

If you’ve walked up the Moor any time in the last year, you will have noticed the empty shop windows being used as exhibition spaces. A new installation on the Moor is by photographer Theo Simpson. Dead Ends explores the position  of unemployment by looking at slips thrown down at the Job Centre.

3. Bloc Projects Presents: Bloc International Billboard: Peace Near the Black Sea

Turkish artist Ipek Yeginsu, Peace Near the Black uses photography to “pay tribute to the lost fishermen, to the lonely hearts missing their beloved ones, and to the Black Sea’s grandiose past full of heroic myths.”The billboard is up until the 28th of February.

4. Nocturnal by Brown Owl

Showcasing the work of poster designer Brown Owl, the Nocturnal exhibition at the Forum will feature a limited edition screen prints. Check it. Boom.

5. Kid Acne South Yorks T-Shirt

Stand up, be proud. Like most men in their early twenties, we love t-shirts designed by street artists. This is no exception. Sweet.

6. A Mapplethorpe Response: Toilet Tour

Not sure what this is, but I think you get to graffiti the toilets of the following places on these dates:

The Lescar- Tuesday 16th February

Varsity- Wednesday 17th February

Corporation- Friday 19th February

More info on the link

Please forward anything you might think should be listed to: [email protected]


December - Sheffield Top 3 December 10, 2009

Perhaps a week or two late, here is Article’s Monthly Culture Briefing for Sheffield this December. Just a look at some stuff going on around steel town.

1. Black and Silver @ Archipelago WorksSilver and Black by Robin Becl

This month’s exhibion at the Archipelago Gallery has seen the commission of 20 prints by 20 different graphic designers and artists. The only rule was that each piece had to be in black and silver. The prints themselves are diverse as the names involved: Kid Acne, TDR, and Club Pony’s own Robin Beck to name but a few. 

2. Royal Stock, Season Two

Tom J Newells Tee


Exceptional home-grown t-shirt label, Royal Stock has launched its stunning new line. With the aim of providing ‘walking canvases’ for artists of various noteriety, this line of Royal Stock features works from Geo Law, Phlegm, Tom J Newell as well as shirt by founder Lord Bunn.

3. FrenchMottershead @ Site Gallery

The ongoing FrenchMottershead exhibition at the Site Gallery compiles a year long project by collaborative artistic team, Rebecca French and Andrew Mottershead. The exhibition consists of images and videos made in shops all over the world. Their work explores the premise that local shops have much to reveal about their communities. We will post our interview with the team later this month.


Mixed In Sheffield February 22, 2009


A 360 mix? I’m not sure either, but Ultramegasupadeadly is making one. “It covers all shades, all colours…through it all! Glitchy, wonky, electro, bass, dubstep…” And whilst you might be thinking yuck!, it actually makes sense if you let the man explain. It’s less a DJ trying to show you his skills, and more an anorak-esque exercise in collecting everything electronic Sheffield has to offer. In fact that is exactly what it is, big next to small, everyone. But it has to be asked, where does the motivation come from to pursue something so comprehensive? Part of it, confesses Liam O’Shea, the man behind the project was a reaction to Tony Christie and Richard Hawley’s Made in Sheffield covers album released last year. “What they were talking about, being the sound of Sheffield, that wasn’t my experience. I wanted to shine the light on the city and show it from my shoes. Respectful of what has been, but looking forward.” At its heart, this project is an attempt to make the city re-examine itself and look at what is going on, right now. “It’s a hard city, Sheffield, people are in their own little groups, in their own little corners, and what’s driving me is the idea of unifying it all. It’s about trying to get people to work with each other. The driving force is to unify the city, just for one minute. To see what it does and then let it go its own way again. And hopefully, I’m thinking, we may actually come to a realisation of what we are.” Read more ⇒