Article Around the Web August 13, 2010

1. On Holiday!

A recently discovered brochure for a 1970s model village in Bournemouth, Tucktonia, sadly no longer with us. Notable for its modern style, and celebration of contemporary industry, featuring a replica oil refinery and nuclear power station. Top notch graphic design as well.

2. Retrospective

Kid Acne reminisces about the good old days and posts the artwork of Invisible Spies Records.

3. Fuck The System

A former writer of ours makes a point. Internships are bobbins.

4. All my friends are Dead

Feeling neglected while your friends are on holiday or being too un-boring to talk to you? Waiting around the door mat everyday for a postcard and seeking reassurance from the number of ”friends” facebook says you have? At least you’re not as lonely as you would be if you were the last in-date carton of milk in the fridge.

5. Sheffield Parkour

Or is it parcour?


Novi God February 11, 2009