Hurdy-Gurdy Fest February 12, 2009

In a temporary drought of genuine sociopathic postmodern activity—with which my life is usually filled—as a genuine punter I attended a hurdy-gurdy festival. It was somewhere in the Peaks, sometime before this summer and not fictional.

This is a Hurdy-gurdy. hurdy-gurdy
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DJ Feadz February 11, 2009

Strange one. This patient seems convinced that he’s signed to France’s biggest electro music label, Ed Banger. He believes that he’s had over 20 releases over the last decade, including a riotous remix of Foreigner’s classic Cold As Ice. He claims that earlier this year he dropped one of the filthiest, most rocking EPs of the year in the form of his Happy Meal EP.

From anyone else, these claims would be nothing more than the ramblings of the latest admission to Bedlam. But we’re not dealing with anyone else. You see, our subject for this psychological experiment is none other than Parisian electro noise-monger, DJ Feadz. Let’s get into his head.

The Rorscharch test is probably better known to most as the Ink Blot test. Subjects are shown plates with abstract, enigmatic patterns on them and asked to articulate, as best they can, exactly what that slide makes them think of. Feadz seems bemused, and not exactly optimistic.

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