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Article Monoplex #5: Straight 8

June 13, 2012

When does an obsolete format reach its peak of coolness? Does the speed at which recently deceased formats come back now mean we are in danger of reviving the technology we currently use as an ironic joke? Is that even possible? If it is, does that mean we will readopt every format that has been rejected? Are you ever gonna buy minidisks again? I don’t think so.


Bill Drummond interview

June 6, 2012

The first of 25 final ever interviews with former KLF frontman, writer and artist Bill Drummond.


Article Monoplex #2: Halo Halo Interviewed

June 3, 2012

An interview with Halo Halo, purveyor’s of cacophonus deconstructed indie pop and one of three bands playing in this year’s Article Monoplex.


Stack Magazine Interview

March 21, 2012

It’s the other way around.


Battles interviewed

November 15, 2011

Though one member down from recording and touring their first album, 2007′s Mirrored, Battles’ currently healthy state exhibits no signs of deficiency.



September 18, 2011

‘Film, Graphic design, Installations, Photography, Objects, and everything in between’. We recently interviewed the design collective who thrive on collaboration.


Slow Club interviewed

September 11, 2011

It takes two to make a thing go right. Well, of course, things have gone right for more populated bands, but with such wonderfully harmonised interplay between Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson, Slow Club often make the duo seem the quintessential band formation.


Jon Burgerman interviewed

September 8, 2011

Artist, designer and doodler talks about Nottingham and papering over its cracks.


Something for a dark room with a single strobe light: The Black Dog

September 7, 2011

Having spearheaded British techno in the early 90s, The Black Dog are rightly lauded as one of the most influential acts ever to have made music with machines. Ahead of a special Sheffield performance, they talk to us about their unique music.


Kid Acne interviewed

July 28, 2011

Killing his darlings for his first solo retrospective exhibition