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Motor City vs. Steel City

March 23, 2012

Article Magazine team up with Drumroll and Sensoria Festival on April the 27th for Motor City vs Steel City featuring the Black Dog, Forgemasters, DJ Stingray and Ryan Elliot. It’s gonna be big!


Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

March 2, 2012

Soviet Armenian director Sergei Paradjanov’s tragic technicolour tale of a peasant’s misfortune comes to Sheffield tomorrow night, fresh with a new score performed live by A Hawk and A Hacksaw.


Battles interviewed

November 15, 2011

Though one member down from recording and touring their first album, 2007′s Mirrored, Battles’ currently healthy state exhibits no signs of deficiency.


Slow Club interviewed

September 11, 2011

It takes two to make a thing go right. Well, of course, things have gone right for more populated bands, but with such wonderfully harmonised interplay between Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson, Slow Club often make the duo seem the quintessential band formation.


Something for a dark room with a single strobe light: The Black Dog

September 7, 2011

Having spearheaded British techno in the early 90s, The Black Dog are rightly lauded as one of the most influential acts ever to have made music with machines. Ahead of a special Sheffield performance, they talk to us about their unique music.


Ten Tracks: Young and Lost Club

September 6, 2011

‘Young and lost’; a familiar sentiment perhaps. You probably won’t accomplish maturity or find your ‘calling in life’, but with this selection by the London-based label you may discover suitable new music with which to while away your youth.


DIY Summer at Site

August 24, 2011

Screen printing, collaging, crockery, tree-rubbing and parties – opening with a Zine Library over 200 copies deep! Site Gallery, Sheffield offers a creative outlet for late summer


Ten Tracks: August 2011

August 22, 2011

Cancel all immediate plans; the new Article Ten Tracks playlist is here! Let our pick of the month’s music occupy your auditory organs for the next forty minutes and twenty seven seconds.


Profile #8 Amazing Future

August 8, 2011

A blog of sorts worth checking in with regularly – if you like amazing things.


A Typical Weekend t’up North

July 22, 2011

Come forecasted rain or shine, this weekend promises a somewhat overwhelming array of music, art and cultural decadence certain to suit the pickiest of palates.