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DIY Summer at Site

August 24, 2011

Screen printing, collaging, crockery, tree-rubbing and parties – opening with a Zine Library over 200 copies deep! Site Gallery, Sheffield offers a creative outlet for late summer


Profile #8 Amazing Future

August 8, 2011

A blog of sorts worth checking in with regularly – if you like amazing things.


Profile #6: Sparrow and Castice Do Wakefield

July 27, 2011

A humorous film combining all the embarrassing aspects of the 70’s Cop Show Drama-meets-Americana Roadtrip to produce a vision of a momentous journey from Birmingham to Wakefield.


A Typical Weekend t’up North

July 22, 2011

Come forecasted rain or shine, this weekend promises a somewhat overwhelming array of music, art and cultural decadence certain to suit the pickiest of palates.


A Tale of One City

June 15, 2011

On Friday 17th June, Sheffield will be opening its pages to tell you some extraordinary tales in the ‘Storying Sheffield’ exhibition. From half a Ford Cortina, a Cabinet of Curiosities, a Rave Booth and an Indoor Garden, the stories being told are far from your typical hard-backed Hardy…


Sex & Docs & Rock ‘n’ Roll

June 6, 2011

It’s that exciting time when all those spectacled, trendy London media-types arrive in Sheffield to network, complain about the food, and share their love of documentaries. It’s Sheffield Doc/Fest 8th-12th June.


Porky’s II in Rotherham

May 25, 2011

The first cinema in Rotherham for twenty years will close down tomorrow night.


Sensoria Festival 2011

May 4, 2011

Sensoria is a festival concoction of film and music held in Sheffield every year and things got off to a flying start at the weekend. With a programme more packed than ever, here are a few picks from the crop…


Unravel in Rotherham

April 23, 2011

A temporary small cinema opens in Rotherham at 25p a ticket, and hosts the Unravel Project where you can draw on a 874 mile long film.



March 29, 2011

Depictions of the ‘grim’ North are a struggle between the beautiful and the real, depending on the distance you view it from.