Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

March 2, 2012

Soviet Armenian director Sergei Paradjanov’s tragic technicolour tale of a peasant’s misfortune comes to Sheffield tomorrow night, fresh with a new score performed live by A Hawk and A Hacksaw.

With its Wizard of Oz brightness, scenes of magic, and hallucinatory imagery playing out amongst a traditional mountain-dwelling Ukrainian Hutsul community, it was never going to go down well in the Russo-centric Social Realist-styled Soviet film industry. In fact, the film was banned on release in 1964 and Paradjanov imprisoned for having such high faultin’ gall.


“Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” live score by A Hawk And A Hacksaw from klaus on Vimeo.

Known for their Eastern European wanderings that have led them to recording and touring with musicians in Romania and Hungary, A Hawk and A Hacksaw have immersed themselves in folk traditions of communities and cultures unique to those parts of the world. The folkloric tale of Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors thus makes for a film befitting accompaniment by this well-learned duo.

Experience the film and its new live soundtrack in unique atmospherics, between stained glass windows of St. George’s Chuch turned lecture theatre. As if this didn’t make it incomparable enough a venue, it is also one of the few places in the city to be guarded by peregrine falcon.


The event is hosted by DrownedinSound and Sensoria, whose full 2012 programme is soon to be released but has us excited already with Laurie Anderson confirmed for opening night on 21st April.

Tickets £12 in advance, from The Harley, The Wick at Both Ends, Record Collector and The Old Sweet Shop, or See Tickets.



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