Motor City vs. Steel City

March 23, 2012

Article Magazine team up with Drumroll and Sensoria Festival on April the 27th for Motor City vs Steel City featuring the Black Dog, Forgemasters, DJ Stingray and Ryan Elliot. It’s gonna be big!

It’s been a few months coming, but we can finally announce our latest collaboration with Sensoria and Drumro[ll]. After the success of our Park Hill party last September, we decided to do another massive techno night. This time the event is also in collaboration with Sensoria festival, and it is gonna to be an EPIC night!

Motor City vs Steel pits the dance music culture of two cities against one another with a staggeringly big line-up. Sheffield heavyweights the Black Dog and Forgemasters will represent Steel City. With DJ Stingray and Ryan Elliott flying over from Detroit and Berlin to represent the Motor City.

For the night we will be producing a zine and films exploring the industrial heritage and decline of both cities, as well as looking at both city’s expansive and historic electronic music scenes.

This event is not to be missed. It’s certainly worth getting your tickets now!
More info on the event can be found here.

Tickets available here.


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