Arctic Film Night

February 9, 2012

All this snow over the past week got you excited and you just can’t get enough of the stuff? Perfect timing for Arctic Film Night, part of Temple Works Leeds’ Kino programme, tonight then!

Huddle together to watch Makku Tuurna’s documentary Sella: Selling the Silence. A small Finnish town bordering eastern Lapland, Sella’s population (whats left of it) currently struggle to survive economic hardship brought about by changes in the Arctic landscape. Nearby, Santa makes his living and there are plans to build a large-scale amusement park on untouched land. With too little snow for a successful snow season, Sella’s inhabitants must decide whether to continue the battle with nature or to surrender themselves and their reindeer to Mr. Claus and his sightseeing cohorts.


Unable to locate an English subtitled trailer, the imagery and soundtrack should suffice as enticement.

Salla – Selling the Silence Trailer from Filmimaa on Vimeo.

Following this is a yet to be announced film from a Canadian Inuit director.

With promises of warming Arctic food of drink (not quite sure what this entails but I’m imagining reindeer sausage rolls and menthol vodka‚Ķ), its set to be a cosy night.

So get yer puffa coats on and head down to Temple Works tonight, 6:30.


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