Bloomberg New Contemporaries

September 23, 2011

Yesterday saw the opening of the 2011 Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition in Sheffield. Article went along to check out the talent.

The annual exhibition of younger artists’ works has been the springboard for many artists since its creation in 1949. It is a good opportunity to get familiar with some of the current trends in contemporary art and what is happening right now in the UK art scene, if you are into that sort of thing.

Disregarding trendspotting, this year’s show included an encouraging amount of painting and photography. However, the stand out pieces were largely video works,¬†including Untitled 1 by Hyewon Kwon in which the same set of dry news story-like clips about a room in Korea is repeated eight times, each with a new narrative, and Samuel Williams’ ‘We Are the Robots’;¬† a six minute film, in which someone behind the camera attempts a series inexplicable tasks, such as putting nails into new potatoes, with tools taped to the end of pieces of two by twos. This worked particularly well being positioned in Site Gallery opposite Hyun Woo Lee’s clip of a sprinkler in a stadium titled ’17 times of I hate this job’, where the robot-like machine is given human sentiment, with the looped subtitle ‘I hate this job’ repeated as endlessly as the sprinkler’s rotation.

The opening night ended off with a party at S1 Artspace, where Django Django put on a fittingly aesthetically pleasing show, performing on a raised platform surrounded by venetian blinds, on which images and text were projected and beyond which Bloomberg volunteers kept suspended light bulbs swaying.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries will be on display until 5th November, at S1 Artspace and Site Gallery.






































































































































































































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