Monthly Archives: April 2012


Brutal Merchandise

September 28, 2011

After months of planning Friday’s event in Park Hill, we felt the need to do the natural thing and commemorate it with a screenprinted tea towel and t-shirt.


Bloomberg New Contemporaries

September 23, 2011

Yesterday saw the opening of the 2011 Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition in Sheffield. Article went along to check out the talent.


A Sunday of zinery and independent print

September 22, 2011

Two exciting new events celebrating all prints independent and self-published come along and they’re, unfortunately, to be held simultaneously this Sunday 25th September.



September 18, 2011

‘Film, Graphic design, Installations, Photography, Objects, and everything in between’. We recently interviewed the design collective who thrive on collaboration.


Slow Club interviewed

September 11, 2011

It takes two to make a thing go right. Well, of course, things have gone right for more populated bands, but with such wonderfully harmonised interplay between Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson, Slow Club often make the duo seem the quintessential band formation.


Profile #10 Nicola Dale

September 9, 2011

Seriously taking her time. Making paper plants out of books, hand colouring every woodchip on a 10m roll of wallpaper.


Jon Burgerman interviewed

September 8, 2011

Artist, designer and doodler talks about Nottingham and papering over its cracks.


Something for a dark room with a single strobe light: The Black Dog

September 7, 2011

Having spearheaded British techno in the early 90s, The Black Dog are rightly lauded as one of the most influential acts ever to have made music with machines. Ahead of a special Sheffield performance, they talk to us about their unique music.


Ten Tracks: Young and Lost Club

September 6, 2011

‘Young and lost’; a familiar sentiment perhaps. You probably won’t accomplish maturity or find your ‘calling in life’, but with this selection by the London-based label you may discover suitable new music with which to while away your youth.