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We’re ‘Doing It Together’ for a common goal!

August 1, 2011

Sheffield’s Forum exhibition will see a pick-and-mix of artists, a sweet and colourful collective, some old some new, yet all revelling in teamwork.

It is perhaps not a show intent on discounting the beauty of D.I.Y… Del Hardin Hoyle, the man behind D.I.T (Do It Together as you might guess) at ‘The Forum’ in Sheffield, is promoting the grouping together of artists for exhibition purposes, without the paranoia of curating with a message or mantra at the centre.

A crazy, vibrant, unpolished and eccentric exposure of some particularly special artists, like Phlegm, a soundly established street artist with mystical and eerie characters and architecture that are clearly his. Also the man with a rainbow of talent, Kid Acne, who we just interviewed as he launched his impressive exhibition at Millennium Gallery, Sheffield. Sara Pinfold is a recent Fine Art graduate, often intervening spaces and objects. Tom J Newell has built up a bold and brilliant back catalogue of gig posters and drawings, so he’s also thrown something into the mix.

Del Hardin Hoyle himself has work on show, known for cleverly reconstructing imagery into collage, often hinting at reflected beauty in landscape and a lot are at second glance evidently pornographic. His blog ‘Boredom’ and website are worth tracking if you are unentertained.

Essentially this exhibition is in a bar space, but exhibitions at the Forum have been sustained for years and given a platform to artists struggling to get space in the city. With a lineup like this its worth a visit, let’s hope it’s a happy concoction!

Jane Faram.

‘Do It Together’ at The Forum Sheffield opens 1st August and continues until 5 September.


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