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August 8, 2011

A blog of sorts worth checking in with regularly – if you like amazing things.

Amazing Future is sky rocketing towards a manifestion of futuristic projections, decades of footage and still images of natural and technological evolution, all still very relevant and fascinating.

Scouring archives and the internet, those behind Amazing Future offer a strange, wonderful cross section of suprising, nostalgic, sci-fi , cutting edge material. It has itself become an archive devoted to wonder and varied phenomena and there is little chance you will find it uninteresting.

From levitation to bears on bikes to architectural structures which surely cannot hold up, to the naturally astounding and the artificially absurd.


They picked out this video by Joakim on Tigersushi Records. Perfectly mirroring Amazing Future in terms of collaging disparate ideas, pictures and moving images from volcanoes to beautiful girls smoking, typical of Joakim’s tendancy towards eclectic compilations.

Joakim – Forever Young (Official Video) from TIGERSUSHI on Vimeo.

See Amazing Future, today!

Jane Faram


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