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A Typical Weekend t’up North

July 22, 2011

Come forecasted rain or shine, this weekend promises a somewhat overwhelming array of music, art and cultural decadence certain to suit the pickiest of palates.

For a start, Tramlines has called in to Sheffield for a weekend full of live music and events across some exciting venues. As described by the minimalist posters, Tramlines is: ‘Free for Leila’ ‘Free for Duncan’, ‘Free for Mark’, ‘Free for Erin’, ‘Free for Colin’ (its free).

Venture down to quirky venues such as the newly opened pub ‘The Shakespeare’ and ‘The Fat Cat’ to sample Northern sounds and Northern brews. From known legends such as Heaven 17 (that synthpop 80’s anthem: Temptation) to the lesser known artists such as Avida Dollars, described as ‘able to sonically replicate the feeling you get when a girl presses her open palm on your willy’ (Tramlines: The Official Programme): Tramlines will provide.

Also opening tonight in Sheffield’s Millennium Galleries will be Kid Acne’s solo exhibition entitled ‘Kill Your Darlings’, featuring works and a film (Where the Wild Things Are-esque?) by Sheffield’s graffiti-renowned artist, followed by a performance by Death Rays and the Heebie Jeebies. Here’s a spooky trailer:

Moving West, Liverpool’s ‘On the Waterfront’ celebrates both the centenary of the Royal Liver Building and the opening of the new Museum of Liverpool, hosting a nightly stunning audio and visual projections by The Macula, alongside the musical talents of Connie Lush, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and 6ix Toys. Pretty. Spectacular.

Heading East, Manchester hopes to spread peace, love and ice cream in Ben & Jerry’s Sundae in the Park, Heaton Park, providing aural and oral delights in their typical fair-trade fashion. Take part in bare-toe wrestling, the ‘Be Herd!’ unsigned musician competition and of course sample truckloads of free ice cream.

Decisions, decisions…


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