Rotherham Is The New Berlin Update

April 4, 2011

A Teutonic to the nation – because if you print it on a T shirt, it’s true.

Since we made some T shirts last year proclaiming a certain northern town as the ‘new Berlin’, we’ve had a lot of enquiries. What does it mean? Why Rotherham? Where can I buy one? Despite all this, the first run sold out in days, and we now have more shirts available in two colours.

Since then, a few things have happened that tenuously suggest there’s some truth to the slogan, and we thought it best to keep you all up to date.

Firstly, there’s a possibility that an amazing looking train-cum-tram will be built between Sheffield and Rotherham, otherwise known as an S-Bahn to our German freunden.

The Sheffield Star published an article on the question, upon the announcement of a new artists’ complex in the town.

Rotherham Business News points us to Rotherham students on a recent trip to Berlin – we await the reciprocal tour.

The Guardian seems to be declaring everywhere else the ‘new Berlin.’ Which presumably means that Warsaw is in fact the new Rotherham. Or Something.

The Old Market Gallery, the source of all this, is continuing to grow its program, with a series of cinema events at the end of April.

By all reports, fast food is still inferior quality in comparison to the Schnell Imbiss of Berlin however. We will update you on the first Currywurst vendor’s arrival.

And yes, saviour of Rotherham’s schoolchildren Jamie Oliver is big in Germany. Watching him dubbed in German is strange, but significantly more tolerable.



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