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Article Issue 1

October 25, 2010

Focusing on the theme of going off topic and aimless movement the issue features the regular pick and mix of design, art and culture, all packaged in high quality, multicolour print.


The British Art Show and Sideshow Nottingham

October 19, 2010

It’s gonna be an arty week on the Article blog, there’s stuff going up and down all of the place, and it all needs talking about! So this week, art. Next week the new issue is out and we’ll just be talking about that! Right now, point all telescopes at Nottingham for the BAS and Sideshow exhibitions!


Some Cool Zines from Manchester and Preston

October 7, 2010

Ok, another post about Manchester. Last Sunday we went to the Piccadilly Self Publishing Fair and met some really awesome people. Here is part of the haul we took back.


The FFAF Curators Interviewed

October 5, 2010

Yesterday we posted about all the cool stuff going down at the Manchester Free For Artts Festival this week. Here is an interview with two of the three curators, Helen MacDonald and Lois Collett.


‘The Art of giving Art’ at Manchester’s Free for Arts Festival

October 4, 2010

Out walking the streets of Manchester this week, there’s a chance you might get pelted with a cardboard tube thrown at you by a passing cyclist. This is nothing but a lucky occurance.