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the Drifter Shoot – A Nice Day Out in Brightside

September 30, 2010

Last weekend saw the Drifter photo shoot for issue 1 take place in the industrial nether region between Sheffield and Rotherham, the humorously named Brightside. Focusing largely on workwear and warm clothing the shoot stems from the issue’s theme Drift: an allusion to hitch-hiking and hobo-ing, being a drifter.


Gold Panda interviewed

September 27, 2010

Having subsisted for years on German minimal techno and cups of tea, producer Gold Panda emerged from his bedroom in Essex two years ago. His glitchy cut-ups have generated enough interest to allow him to cut loose from a string of unfulfilling jobs (hospital car park attendant, sex shop assistant, envelope sealer…) We spoke to him in the run up to the release of his debut LP about how it’s all been going so far, and where Gold Panda plans to tread next.


Register of Trademarks of the Cutlers’ Company, Sheffield. 1953 Edition

September 16, 2010

Found this gathering dust in the back of a local charity shop. Branding for chisels and churns, anchors and axes indexed in fifty easy-to-read categories. Fifty. A timely reminder that once upon a (not-too-distant) time, if you could use it, Sheffield made it.


Phlegm Paints Rotherham

September 13, 2010

Phlegm is a Sheffield based painter/illustrator/comic book maker whose works can be found in many of the corners of both Sheffield and Manchester. Recently he painted several walls for the Rotherham Open Arts Festival. 95 hours of painting have been squeezed into this ten minute film. We spoke to Phlegm about the work.


September Music

September 13, 2010

Article is now a music blog….. Joke! That would be wank. But some record labels were like, “d’yer want some mp3s to put on yer site?” and we were like, “cool.” So we have some music reviewed and some mp3s to give away. Here’s some quality new releases we’ve picked that’ll be on shelves/amazon soon.


What does your design say about you? A look at Lit Fest Design

September 8, 2010

Two literary festivals, two very different brochures.